Welcome New ACCM Team Members: Martha, Jimmy, Yei.


Martha is an ACCM board member and is currently undertaking an internship with our support services team. Certified suicide prevention and interventionist, having commitment to provide high quality – work, compassionate care, services and support for individual and families who are facing a range of challenges, including mental health issues, trauma, substance abuse, harm reduction. 

Jimmy is also an ACCM board member who is now taking on the Treatment Coordinator role temporarily. Jimmy is completely passionate about learning languages, speaking not one, not two, but a grand total of four languages fluently – Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French! But what’s even more impressive is their insatiable appetite for language learning and cultural exploration.  Jimmy also holds a Bachelor’s degree in law, and they’re absolutely bonkers about immigration law, copyrights, patents, and innovation.

ACCM is so excited to add a management position to our team and we are even more excited that our new manager is Yei. This new position will allow more support for our team and create more structure for all. Beyond their managerial skills, Yei can move their laryngeal prominence (” Adams apple”), up and down without touching my neck. Our team members are so talented! 😜