Monthly Donation Options

To support a sex education kiosk on a local university campus
To fund a sexual health initiative led by queer, trans and allied youth in Montreal
To provide a meal at our weekly Dinner & Discussion program
To provide food security to those impacted by HIV through our Buyer's Club program

Last year ACCM…

  • had 1,127 visits to our weekly Dinner and Discussion night
  • provided 87 sexual health kiosks and workshops with a total of 5,046 participants
  • gave out 40,074 free condoms
  • had 11,019 downloads of our Teacher’s Sex-Ed Toolkit lesson plans
  • presented a public discussion panel on PrEP to over 35 attendees

I’m not sure I’d be where I am today -more confident and happier with my life- if it weren’t for the support I received during that tough period. You can be proud of the help that you’re bringing to the community!

Michel, Member