About ACCM

Vision & Mission


ACCM envisions a society free from the stigma of HIV/AIDS. We are committed to building a community where all people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS  and/or hepatitis C receive the support they need. We are dedicated to empowering individuals to make informed decisions related to their health and well-being.


ACCM is a volunteer-based community organization working to enhance the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS and/or hepatitis C, to prevent HIV and hepatitis C transmission, and to promote community awareness and action.

We are determined to:

  • advocate for the human rights of people living with HIV/AIDS and/or hepatitis C, including the right to receive 
the best quality support, care and treatment;
  • support the Greater Involvement of People living with HIV/AIDS (GIPA) and/or hepatitis C in all levels of the organization, recognizing their abilities and willingness;
  • promote and support actions from within and outside the community to overcome stigma and discrimination;
  • create a safe and welcoming environment with an emphasis on mutual respect and trust;
  • view health as more than the absence of illness and strive to promote a holistic approach to well-being;
  • value the diversity of those we bring together and learn from each other’s experiences by sharing skills and talents;
  • advance the principles of harm reduction respecting individual freedoms and responsibility;
  • be accountable and transparent to our stakeholders;
  • offer volunteers the necessary training and support to keep them central to our work;
  • pursue excellence in all that we do, be innovative in our work and be responsive to the changing needs of our community.

To achieve our mission we promote active partnerships between people living with HIV/AIDS and/or hepatitis C and other individuals and organisations in the community.

We are committed to working with empathy and passion to promote a human response to HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C.