Support Services

ACCM’s Support Services programs are developed through the active involvement and input of people living with HIV or hepatitis C. These programs foster self-determination and skills development, helping our members establish new and fulfilling ways of participating in the broader Montreal community. We also provide food security services and other forms of practical assistance that help balance the expenses of living with HIV or hepatitis C. Our lively drop-in centre has a dynamic schedule of events and activities where people come together and build friendships through peer support. It’s a space where people’s voices are heard and where community responses are mobilized in reaction to emerging hepatitis C and HIV-related issues.

Our services are equally geared to people who have been living with HIV and/or hepatitis C for many years as they are for people who have been newly diagnosed. We’re always happy to welcome new people into our community so please come talk to us if you’re interested in becoming a member or if you’d like to know more about our programs and services.