Education for Prevention

ACCM’s Education for Prevention department offers innovative and inspired programs that aim to decrease the transmission of HIV, hepatitis C and other sexually transmitted and blood borne infections. Community engagement is fundamental to our approach and our outreach teams are present at events throughout Montreal, distributing safer sex materials, as well as providing information on sexual health and risk reduction. In addition to on-site interventions, we’ve adapted to an increasingly digital landscape with online initiatives that reach communities whose sex education needs are typically not prioritized in school curriculums. Our programs nurture the confidence and self-determination required to overcome shame and make informed and autonomous decisions regarding one’s sexual health. We take leadership on emerging sexual health-related issues by developing measured and influential position statements, as well as advocating for principled and research-based policies. We also highly value the perspectives of youth and people living with HIV or hepatitis C and the insight their experiential knowledge brings to education and prevention.