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ACCM is proud to participate the 2nd International Testing Week

International Testing Week: know what’s what and take part in ending the epidemics!

Whatever the infection, knowing your status – whether positive or negative – is vital to care for yourself… and others! Only after you’ve been tested and diagnosed will you have access to treatment and care. By taking control of our health, we play a role in  controlling epidemics.

For example, if your HIV test is negative, access to PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), a highly effective treatment to prevent infection, can be set up. Alternatively, if the HIV test is positive, referral to a health center, with or without accompaniment, can be immediately organized. The health centers offer  viral load monitoring and prescribe  antiretroviral drugs. With effective treatment, a person living with HIV does not sexually transmit the virus! Finally, following a positive test for hepatitis C, it is now possible to access direct-acting antiviral drugs which will cure in 3 months.

ACCM will be doing a Facebook Live with our Education for Prevention Coordinator Ren. Come learn about HIV self-testing and ask any questions you might have.

HIV Self-Testing Live Q&A is on November 25th at 6 PM

We will also have FREE HIV self-test kits available all week. Stop by the drop in Monday to Wednesday between 1 and 6 PM and simply ask for a kit.