MARCH EVENTS! The drop-in is open MONDAYS, TUESDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS, from 11 AM to 6 PM. Despite updated mask mandates, masks are still mandatory in the drop-in space. Please, ring the doorbell to be let in if door is locked. If you are interested in registering for any events (or have any questions about upcoming events) please email […]

Dinner & Discussion: Art Discussion: The Law of Artistry: He(art) & (Act)ivism

ACCM 2075 Plessis, Montreal, Quebec

 Adex Lava will be creating a curated dinner and then leading a dialogue on his creative process that centers ART in his ACTIVIST work, and ways to explore a multitude of themes such as desire, lust, blackness, love, sex, going viral, and indigeneity through art. To register for any of the D&Ds, email Sam at […]

ImpakT: Moving forward

ACCM 2075 Plessis, Montreal, Quebec

This meeting will be an open discussion about ImpakT. What has been done before and what you would like to see in the future. It's the perfect time to express your needs and share your opinions on our program to help us improve and make sure we're offering services that are important to you!