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HIV in Motion: Community of Practice

We’re inviting you to participate in this vibrant Community of Practice (CoP) called HIV in Motion on Tuesday February 2, 2021 from 12pm to 2pm EST! The topic for this session is “All about the Heart – What’s happening in physical activity and community based research in HIV?” If you would like to register for this second HIV in Motion Community of Practice,please fill out the registration form at the following link: http://bit.ly/2Llp8Te 

We have a great group of panelists for this session including: Kristine Erlandson, HIV researcher at University Colorado Denver, and Zoran Pandovski and Ivan Ilic of the Toronto YMCA. We will be hosting the HIV in Motion CoP four times this year.

The CoP is open to persons living with HIV, academics, students, researchers, and practitioners, both clinical and organizations interested in physical activity and exercise. You can join to listen in, to share your work and views, and to support others. You can visit the HIV in Motion Community of Practice site at: http://bit.ly/HIVinMOTIONsite.