Co-Presidents of ACCM Board


For a more balanced distribution of responsibilities and power

At our last AGM, ACCM moved forward with a change to the structure of the board. We no longer have a President and Vice President, the board now has two Co-Presidents: Gregg Rowe & Thomas Dobronyi.

A Co-Presidency:

  • Redistributes the responsibilities of the President in a way that is more manageable for volunteers.
  • Ensures a less hierarchical, more cooperative governance structure that we feel better suits a grassroots organization.
  • Allows for greater flexibility in assigning responsibilities on the Executive Committee, which helps us take advantage of Co-Presidents’ different experiences, strengths and perspectives.

Gregg Rowe is a long-time ACCM member and beloved community member, as well as an artist and lover of people. 

“I believe in balance. Two co-presidents working together to build a new team is a balance.  

ACCM has grown in many areas, many programs over the years. This allows us, as copresidents,  to divide  the workload without one having more power over the other, we are equals. Thomas is taking the administrative side, I am looking after the human resources.  This would never work out if we had a President/Vice President board.”


Thomas’ first encounter with ACCM was at the start of 2019, when KONTAK provided them with support services. Thomas started volunteering with KONTAK right away after that. Since then, Thomas has volunteered mostly as D&D cook, as well as with Buyers’ Club, the Youth Group and MRP. Thomas joined the Board as an honorary director in 2020, and became a voting member this year, shortly before becoming Co-President. 

“I’m thrilled that the members and the Board have entrusted me with the opportunity to take on such an important role at ACCM. It’s an honour to work closely with such an experienced, knowledgeable Co-President as Gregg, and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish. Alongside ACCM’s incredible members, staff and volunteers, I’m excited to do my part to help steer ACCM into its 35th year!”