TREATMENT MADE EASY 6 By: Maria Lawrynowicz



Berlin Patient De-Mystified


– Maria Lawrynowicz
Supervised by: Gilbert Mallais


The legendary Berlin patient, Timothy Brown, is a constant reminder of the incredible scientific leaps taken in the last 30 years, but how many people actually know what it means to be “cured” of HIV and how this rare medical advance occurred? As always, it started with an idea put forth by Gero Hutter who was not aware how important his discovery would be to those millions of people with HIV and the many researchers and clinicians working on new methods of treatment who until then had not dared to think of the word “cure”. To help demystify this issue and illustrate what actually happened are the following drawings. Enjoy!

berlin patient


If you are interested in more information about the story behind the Berlin patient and his treatment, read the following article on: