Our free sexual health workshops provide clear and accessible information on topics such as HIV, safer sex, healthy relationships, hepatitis C, and safer body art. We establish a relaxed atmosphere in which participants can discuss issues related to sexual health and receive informed responses to their questions without worry or judgment.

We provide in school sex ed workshops for students in public and private high schools. We also work with teachers, CEGEPs, universities, and community groups in the Montreal area. Contact us to find out more about what we offer or to make a request for one of the following workshops:

  • HIV 101: What are HIV and AIDS? How is HIV treated? How is the virus transmitted? How risky are different activities? How can you lower your risk? How does stigma impact people living with HIV?
  • Safer Sex: How do you use a condom? What do you do if one person wants to use a condom and the other doesn’t? What other safer sex options are there and how do you use them? What STIs are out there and how are they treated? How do you know if you have an STI?
  • Healthy Relationships: What are relationships? What makes for a good or a bad relationship? What is consent? How can you know what your partner’s needs and boundaries are?
  • Sex & Drugs: What kinds of drugs do youth encounter? Why do youth take drugs? What are some of the risks of taking drugs? What can you do to make drug use safer?
  • Hep C 101: What is hepatitis C? How is it transmitted? How is hepatitis C treated? How risky are different activities? How can you lower your risk?
  • Safer Body Art: What do you look for in a good artist? How do you decide what kind of body art to get? What are the risks of getting a tattoo or piercing? How can you make getting a tattoo or piercing safer?
  • Safer Sex for Older Adults: Why is it important for older adults to talk about safer sex? What is HIV? What other STIs are there and how are they treated? How risky are different sexual activities? What can you do to lower your risk?