Teacher’s Sex-Ed Toolkit

The Teacher’s Sex-Ed Toolkit is a collection of free sexual health lesson plans and resources for students in elementary and high school, from kindergarten to secondary 5. Our elementary level lesson plans cover the topics required by the Ministry’s sexual health pilot program, including puberty, gender roles, sexual assault, and sexual orientation. Our secondary level lesson plans are designed to meet Quebec’s curriculum requirements by integrating sexual health topics into high school subject areas from History to Science. All of our lesson plans include the required materials, are downloadable online, and can be adapted according to teachers’ and students’ needs.

We also offer free workshops for Montreal area teachers. These workshops include an overview of the forthcoming MEES sexuality education program that will be implemented in Quebec schools. Our workshops also provide tips and strategies about how to lead classroom discussions concerning sexual health in an inclusive, impartial, and non-judgmental way. For more information, visit the Teacher’s Sex-Ed Toolkit website or send us an email.