New Board of Directors


We elected our Board of Directors at the ACCM Annual General Meeting, that was held on Saturday, November 21st 2020. Please welcome our new Board!

  • Julian Hughes (President)
  • Christophe Dietzel (Vice President)
  • Naim Afeich (Treasurer)
  • Fizza Jafry (Secretary)
  • Saina Beitari (Board Member)
  • Steve Boone (Board Member)
  • Stephen Brace (Board Member)
  • Mehmet Inceer (Board Member)
  • Christopher Gwilliam (Staff Representative)
  • Thomas Dobronyi (Honorary Member)
  • Gregg Rowe (Honorary Member)
  • Julien Senecal (Honorary Member)
  • Ryan Yevcak (Honorary Member)

We want to deeply thank former Board Members for their work and dedication to ACCM, and look forward working with the new Board to achieve ACCM’s mission.