Monkeypox – Let’s Stop Stigma

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You might have heard that Monkeypox is in circulation. Talk to your (sexual) partner(s) and reach out if you have any doubt.

For an overview about Monkeypox in Montreal and to stay up to date with the latest information ➡️

Being informed and not perpetuating stigma is key to keeping our communities safer. Here is some additional information from the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance:

We must also ensure that we stop the cycle of stigma in relation to disease.

The way some media recently shared information is disturbing to say the least. We are seeing a historical pattern, reminiscent of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Articles are targeting communities ACCM serves in a moral panic, while bathhouses are being the target of homophobia and far-right violence.

In a CBC article, Ken Monteith shared this concern and said that “if people are afraid to be identified with a particular group, then they might not go get tested and they might be transmitting”: stigma only ever exacerbates health problems and the only way to stop transmission of monkeypox is to talk about it.