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WE’RE HIRING! Migrant, Refugee & People of Colour Outreach Coordinator/Pivot Santé

Job Openings

Migrant, Refugee & People of Colour Outreach Coordinator/Pivot Santé
(30 hours per week)

We encourage people living with HIV or hepatitis C to apply for this position. The same goes for queer, trans, black, indigenous & people of colour. We get you.

AIDS Community Care Montreal is looking for a MRP Outreach Coordinator to join our team! We provide information, counselling, and support for people living with HIV and/or hepatitis C as well as folks particularly at risk of contracting STBBIs. We work in collaboration with our many communities to build a compassionate and caring response to HIV and hepatitis C.

The MRP Outreach Coordinator will:
> Promote ACCM’s support services to pharmacies, community clinics and health professionals;
> Engage in anti-racism & anti-xenophobia support for persons living with HIV and/or hepatitis C;
> Provide meaningful interventions to Migrant, Refugee and People of Colour seeking to build their knowledge around their sexual health and access to support services;
> Liaise with migration and refugee support service professionals. You will assume an active role in our communities to ensure access to health services for our migrant/refugee membership;
> Support initiatives and outreach with gbMSM communities, including sexualized spaces;
> Assist in membership case management and intake procedures for new members.

Our ideal candidate:
> Has strong ties to the Migrant, Refugee & PoC communities of Montreal;
> Is knowledgeable about migration related processes.
> Personal migration experience is an asset;
> Has demonstrated experience in counselling, intervention and anti-oppression. You have a fervent belief in harm reduction, and a proven history of practicing harm reduction-based interventions;
> Is knowledgeable about sexual health. You have fundamental knowledge of HIV, HepC, STBBIs, ACCM, GIPA, Montreal’s queer and trans communities, drug use, and the social drivers of health;
> Works collaboratively with a diverse group of people. You believe in the organization’s mission and values, and will act as an ambassador for ACCM to our partners and external committees. You can work a room, and are an excellent representative for ACCM at public events;
> Is comfortable grant writing, fundraising, and networking within our communities. You take initiative when it comes to funding your program through sponsorship, individual giving, and grant proposals;
> Is multilingual, at minimum, perfectly fluent in French and English, both written and spoken.
> Most importantly, we are looking for people who want to gain experience in community work, outreach, migrant/refugee support and sexual health.

Please note that no cover letter is required for this application but two references will be requested. To apply, upload your CV and tell us about your interest in working with ACCM at the following link:

We look forward to hearing from you by May 7th, 2019. Only successful applicants will be contacted for interview. This position is at 30 hours a week and pays $17.00 per hour, $16.50 during probationary period.