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90 Days of Giving in solidarity with UNAIDS 90-90-90 goal

Prévention, Sida bénévoles Montréal, Traitement, VIH

With 90 days left in the year we are working towards achieving the 90-90-90 UNAIDS goals.

ACCM has seen what a difference getting tested can make. That’s why we’re committed to 90% of people living with HIV knowing their status.

One of our members, Marcus, originally came to us looking for testing information. He was extremely anxious and scared. Not so much at the thought of actually being HIV-positive, but at the thought of what his friends and family might say.

Imagine the anxiety of hanging all your relationships on the outcome of a single test? Marcus was unsure if he wanted to get tested.

Marcus returned to ACCM with HIV-positive test results, mixed feelings, and mixed responses from friends and family. Thanks to your help we were able to give Marcus the support he needed.

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In the middle of this, Marcus said he was thankful for ACCM’s resources and support that were key in him getting tested and finding out his status. We are so pleased that ACCM was there to help and we are grateful for you, because you are here to help.

That’s why we are asking you to make a commitment to ACCM today. Please donate now to help us continue offering this kind of support.

Thanks to you, Marcus is now on track and we’re helping him get the treatment and support he needs!

You can help ACCM provide the support needed so everyone has the courage to know their status just like Marcus.

  • A donation of $25 can provide an hour of one-on-one counselling with someone newly diagnosed with HIV.
  • $50 can help us provide a sexual health kiosk for over 100 youth.
  • $125 helps us feed and provide peer support workshops for 25 members.

Let’s work together to take the fear out of knowing your status! Donate today!