Friends for Life Bike Rally

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Toronto People with AIDS Foundation (PWA) is partnering with ACCM to bring their bike rally into our organization.

This event raises life-saving funds for our HIV communities in Toronto, Kingston and right here in Montreal.  There are 1, 3 and 6-day bike ride options stretching from Toronto to Montreal and you can click right here to register as a rider for the 2021 FFLBR.

The bike rally is fully supported with local training and fundraising assistance, on the rally bike ride support with most meals, all water and snacks, and camping support, gear transportation, health and wellness and of course, social activities all included!  All funds you raise as a Quebec-based rider go directly back to ACCM and our programs for people living with HIV!

*Pro-tip* use the promo code ACCM for 50% off your registration fees!

It also might be helpful to mention that lots of people are able to get their employer to match their fundraising efforts or make a donation to the cause as well! If you’re not able to ride with us this year, but are still interested in being a part of the FFLBR fam, you can click here to register as a volunteer to support the riders by preparing food, moving gear, preparing the route, responding to injuries, bike maintenance or welcoming in riders as they arrive in Montreal.

In the meantime, make sure you’re following @accmontreal and @f4lbr on social media or join our official Facebook group to stay up to date on all things FFLBR. Every like, comment and share is so helpful to our cause.

Please contact Emma-Cole if you have any questions.