Everything you need to know about chemsex / PnP!


Two organizations in Montreal come together to raise awareness!

Montreal, August 15, 2023 – ACCM and RÉZO launch an informative and positive awareness campaign on chemsex / PnP, which aims to educate and demystify drug use in the context of sexual practices within the LGBTQ+ and gender diverse communities -who are particularly affected-, as well as allies. Chemsex has been present in Montreal for several years and is part of our communities’ practices, and it can have impacts on mental as well as sexual health.

Through a series of images and informative content, the chemsex / PnP campaign presents the most commonly used types of drugs, reasons why a person may consume them, potential effects, but most importantly, emphasizes the power of our communities to take charge. ACCM and RÉZO have joined forces to support their communities and offer appropriate assistance.

“The sexual liberation of queer peoples has a unique history and flavor that includes “bathhouses,” Grindr, and a particularly widespread availability of certain drugs that can enhance or alter the sexual experience, and there is nothing shameful about it. As a former chemsex participant, I am happy to give back to my community by offering other participants empathetic and non-judgmental support,” explains FrankieB, coordinator of chemsex awareness and support at ACCM.

“One of the main issues that emerges in my contacts with people who practice Chemsex/PnP is the stigma and isolation experienced by them. The hope is that this campaign will allow people to talk about it and get support if they feel the need” explains Mathieu, a psychosocial worker from RÉZO.

Using drugs remains a personal choice, based on individual needs and realities; this campaign emphasizes the importance of advocating for a harm reduction approach and having appropriate resources that understand the underlying interrelationships and intersections within the affected communities.

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AIDS Community Care Montreal (ACCM) works towards a society free from the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS. They are committed to building a community where people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS and/or hepatitis C receive the support they need. They strive to inform individuals so they can make informed decisions about their health and well-being. Website:

RÉZO is a non-profit community organization based in Montreal, active since 1991, which provides education and prevention services related to HIV and other STIs in the context of promoting overall health, including sexual, mental, physical, and social health, among GBQ men, other men, and transgender individuals having sex with men. Website:

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