Workshop with AQPSUD: Party Planning and Drug Testing + Mixing

APQSUD 1555 Boulevard René-Lévesque Est, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

With Halloween celebrations fast approaching, ImpakT and AQPSUD are offering a workshop on party planning. During this workshop we will look at how to prepare to host a party safely, how to test for drugs and what mixes of drugs are safe and which ones to avoid. This workshop will be offered in French.

ImpakT Drop-In: Open Discussion: Ketamine & GHB


During this drop-in, we'll have an open discussion about the effects of Ketamine and GHB, two drugs that are often used during chemsex. What Is Ketamine? What are the symptoms of Ketamine addiction? What Does GHB do? Why do people take Ketamine? These questions and more will be discussed during the evening. This drop-in will […]

ImpakT Drop-In: Chemsex Come Down and Self-Care


In this drop-in we’ll talk about everything you need to know regarding chemsex, sobriety and self-care. We’ll provide you with great tips and tricks such as: how to manage chemsex comedown, how to address a chemsex lapse/relapse, how to become abstinent/take a short break/play more safely, how to get back in control, how to practice […]

ImpakT Drop-In: Relationships and Substance Use


During this drop-in, we'll explore how substance use affects our relationships (family, friends, sexual partners, lovers and more). Together we'll come up with strategies to manage our substance use while maintaining healthy relationships. This drop-in will be offered in English.

ImpakT Holiday Dinner


Let's celebrate the end of ImpakT's Fall session and the holiday season with a free hot meal for ImpakT members!

ImpakT Workshop: Tantric Sex and Conscious Intimacy

Ecstatic Palace 5505 Rue D'Iberville, Montreal, Canada

In this workshop, Élodie Jouvenot will educate us on conscious intimacy and accompany us to find our balance alone or in a relationship, to rediscover more pleasure in our body, our intimacy, and to explore our sexuality to its full potential. Her approach is innovative and inclusive, and focuses on the link between body, emotions […]

ImpakT: Workshop: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!


Mindful themed conversations are a great way to deepen relationships and foster meaningful discussions amongst our community. We invite you to our drop-in to talk openly about sexuality without shame or taboo. Kinks, PEP/PreP, fisting and more! Come chat with us and make connection. This event will be held in person!

ImpakT: Meth 101: Everything you need to know


Crystal meth is a super-strength amphetamine stimulant. Used in chillouts, sex parties and during sex or clubbing. During this drop-in you'll learn everything there is to know about methamphetamine! How to slam, booty bumping and smoke more safely,the effects on your body and more! Participants will also receive a free safer using kit. This event […]

ImpakT: Moving forward


This meeting will be an open discussion about ImpakT. What has been done before and what you would like to see in the future. It's the perfect time to express your needs and share your opinions on our program to help us improve and make sure we're offering services that are important to you!