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MAF Art Exhibit Workshop Creation

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There will be two art workshops in May to create large scale art pieces that you can exhibit and use to help fundraise for ACCM! César will be around for both workshops to assist or teach you new techniques to incorporate into your art pieces if you want! There is a limited space for these large canvases – so please register as soon as possible with Sam at groups@accmontreal.org or call 514-527-0928 ext. 230.

If there is no room available, you can still join but will not be able to use a large canvas – you can use any canvases and materials at the drop in though!

You can also contribute your own previously created art pieces in the exhibit (although art pieces will be sold afterwards to fundraise for ACCM afterwards so keep that in mind!).


This project is funded through the Member’s Activity Fund (MAF). If you have questions about the MAF or want to plan your own MAF project/event, email Sam at groups@accmontreal.org!