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For the Love of Harm Reduction

How can we actively help our communities be safer and healthier? Harm reduction is one of the tools we use at AIDS Community Care Montreal – SIDA bénévoles Montréal (ACCM).
Harm reduction is used in many contexts, from sexual health to drug use. Let’s talk about it and learn more!
FrankieB “Envy The Clown” Lambert (he/they/we) & Selma Gahd (she/her) will discuss Harm Reduction in the context of Black History Month.
❓What is Harm Reduction?
❓How is it practiced?
❓Why are we talking about it during Black History Month?
🙌 Come be part of the discussion!
Both Selma Gahd and FrankieB work at ACCM and FrankieB is part of the BLM Montreal chapter.