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Drama Therapy Disclosure Workshop on Zoom

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Email groups@accmontreal.org for the zoom link.

Do you find it difficult to disclose your HIV status to partners, family members, and friends? Do you find yourself in situations where you want to disclose, but fear, distrust and stigma hold you back? Natasha Edwards is a drama therapy workshop facilitator, and psychology student at Concordia. She will be facilitating a member-centered workshop on disclosure. Join us to share experiences of disclosure that you’ve found difficult, ones that have gone well or badly, or situations where you weren’t able to disclose. We will take scenarios that can be challenging and work through them in a judgment-free, safer space to build up tools and skills to disclose safely and effectively. There are many reasons why one may or may not disclose, and it is always a personal and individual decision. The purpose of this workshop is to simply build the skills to be able to, if and when you want to disclose, and to practice for when these scenarios may come up. This is a closed workshop for members of ACCM. If you are living with HIV and would like to join our community, email support@accmontreal.org!