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Dinner and Discussion: Make your own Rockstar Sock Puppet

Rockstars are larger-than-life beloved dynamos and sock puppets are literally made from our lonely mismatched socks. When the two combine, you have a perfectly silly workshop in which Jessica Rae guides you through creating your own unique rockstar sock puppet! We’ll begin by asking some very important questions: What kind of music do our rockstar personas play? (Are they 80’s inspired hair metal icons? Indie rock angels? Maybe they’re Nashville superstars??) What’s their stage costume look like? (Fishnets and leather? Rhinestones and fringe? Spandex and platforms??) Are they in a band? What’s their hit single?? Are they even human!? (Cats are rockstars, too.) This workshop is meant to be a fun and playful expression of self, using whatever weird and creative supplies we can easily find.

Supplies needed:
1. A sock
2. Scissors
3. Pen/Markers
4. Cardboard for the mouthplate (recycled from a cereal box, pizza box…anything works.)
5. Any kind of decorative, crafty supplies such as:
Scrap fabric, construction paper, yarn, buttons, googly eyes, sparkly things, beads, feathers, etc. Consider what you could use for hair, for eyes, to line the mouth, and for your puppet’s costume.
6. A glue gun, craft glue, or a thread and needle, depending on how you wish to decorate your puppet.
7. Glue to attach the mouthplate (white glue, glue gun, craft glue)

Deadline to Register is July 13th

Register to join here: https://forms.gle/aQa33Tx47ToWDB8q9