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Cacophonic Orchestra Meeting

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Announcing the ACCM Cacophonic Orchestra! This musical endeavor, or some might say mistake, is meant to tap the startling reservoir of talent that is ACCM.

The objective of the Orchestra is to play whatever strikes our fancy, usually badly, and to have as much fun as possible. Play what you’d like! We have a trumpet and a baritone horn, the piano, a keyboard and a couple of guitars. Even if it’s a triangle or kazoo, all are welcome to join us.

We also want singers! Lead, backup, choir, humming approximately in key; the ACCM Cacophonic Orchestra is radically inclusive. Come out and have fun with us.

If we get our ducks in a row in time, it would be cool to play at the Holiday Party. Who’d like to give that a try? Email cacophany@autographic.ca and let Band Leader By Default Margie know!