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Because She Cares: African, Caribbean and Black women living with HIV engaged in (un)caring work in HIV organizations: Webinar and Workshop

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This webinar aims to create a collective virtual space to mobilize knowledge and findings from Because She Cares, a collaborative poetic project and film which centres stories by African, Caribbean and Black women engaged in HIV service and allied-health organizations.

Participants of the webinar will have the opportunity to:

  • view a screening of Because She Caresstories created by African, Caribbean and Black women about their work and roles in the HIV sector;
  • learn from, and engage with, speakers involved in the making of Because She Cares; and
  • discuss the need for culturally congruent approaches to HIV knowledge mobilization and the use of the film to unpack anti-Black racism and intersectional oppressions in workplaces.

Following this webinar, we will host a workshop called Kitchen Table Talks. This workshop will discuss in depth the emerging themes from Because She Cares, and how to integrate the film as a relevant educational tool in supporting people living with HIV and related anti-racism/anti-oppression work.

Kitchen Table Talks will feature five Zoom breakout sessions, each with a unique discussion theme. There will be one group exclusively for African, Caribbean and Black women living with HIV.




You can participate at the ACCM drop in or contact Sam at groups@accmontreal.org for a registration link