Black History Month 2023


February 1st is here again, announcing the beginning of Black History Month. ACCM will honor Black History Month by uplifting the voices of Black HIV activists throughout the month to celebrate the people, their work and their impact on our community. Keep an eye on our social media for a chance to learn about our history and our leaders through our HIV & Activism series.

As an HIV organization we must recognize that Black, Indigenous and POC communities are disproportionately affected by HIV. We also wish to recognize that the voices of Black people (as well as Indigenous and POC communities) are often silenced and disregarded.

We will gather all of the information we will be posting across social media here as a centralized location to highlight and remember the work we are doing. You can come back to this post, as we will be updating it weekly throughout the month of February.

BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Queer Artist Showcase + Dance Party

Feb. 11th at Notre Dame des Quilles.

Get tickets ➡️

Muluba Habanyama

Living with HIV is one thing. What about living free of stigma as well as living and aging healthily? Thanks to activist like Muluba, we are moving forwards and striving for better.

Angela Robertson

Working in the real world means working within the realities of intersectionality. Because each cause does not exist in a vacuum, we are all connected.

Morris Singletary

Being queer and spiritual is something a lot of people have a hard time reconciling. It can be very empowering for some though.

Antwan Matthews

One thing that is crucial to the betterment of our communities is a willingness to embrace change.