Black History Month 2022


As an HIV organization we must recognize that Black, Indigenous and POC communities are disproportionately affected by HIV. We also wish to recognize that the voices of Black people (as well as Indigenous and POC communities) are often silenced and disregarded.

Therefore, for Black History Month, we will be taking the opportunity to highlight and uplift the voices of Black HIV activists throughout the month to celebrate the people, their work and their impact on our community. Keep an eye on our social media for a chance to learn about our history and our leaders.

We will also gather all of the information we will be posting across social media here as a centralized location to highlight and remember the work we are doing. You can come back to this post, as we will be updating it weekly throughout the month of February.

Douglas Stewart

HIV and Gay rights do not exist in bubbles. Racism is a factor that should not be excluded or forgotten when we address the lived reality of people within our communities.

Syrus Marcus Ware

Activists can also be our contemporaries. Look around you, there are people doing work for our communities right now! This week we want to highlight Syrus Marcus Ware an activist and artists based in Toronto. Learn more ➡️

Marsha P. Johnson

On this day of love, we want to highlight a beloved activist in our community for our HIV & Activism capsule. Marsha P. Johnson.

Reggie Williams

Today African, Caribbean and Black Canadian HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. We must recognize that different communities have different needs. Which is why our first HIV & Activism highlight for Black History Month is Reggie Williams.

For the Love of Harm Reduction

You can re-watch the discussion here:

February 17th from 7 PM to 8 PM

How can we actively help our communities be safer and healthier? Harm reduction is one of the tools we use at AIDS Community Care Montreal – SIDA bénévoles Montréal (ACCM).

Harm reduction is used in many contexts, from sexual health to drug use. Let’s talk about it and learn more!FrankieB “Envy The Clown” Lambert (he/they/we) & Selma Gahd (she/her) will discuss Harm Reduction in the context of Black History Month.

❓What is Harm Reduction?

❓How is it practiced?

❓Why are we talking about it during Black History Month?

🙌 Come be part of the discussion!

Both Selma Gahd and FrankieB work at ACCM and FrankieB is part of the BLM Montreal chapter.

Sex Trivia – Kontak & ACCM

Time to get naughty and smart!

More trivia, more fun. We are back, back, back again baby! We are prepared to tantalize you with eye candy and sexy prizes! We know what you want 😈.

Join the party on Zoom for a night of fun trivia, eye candy and naughty performances by Chivengi – Enshantay – Manny Dingo. Our hostess will be BiG SiSSY!

🍑Sexy prizes for winners and participants.