About ACCM

ACCM is a volunteer-driven community organization that provides support services and treatment information to people living with HIV/AIDS and/or hepatitis C. The voices of our members are central to ACCM’s guidance and we work in collaboration with our many communities to build a compassionate and caring response to HIV and hepatitis C.


Call for Authors and Artists

We cordially invite chapter proposals and art submissions for an edited book entitled ‘Queering Nutrition and Dietetics: LGBTQ+ Reflections on Food Through Art’. The book will bring the voices of LGBTQ+ people front and center through the chapters and art submissions and will contribute to experiential learning, allowing for more understanding of the lives of LGBTQ+ peoples relating to food and nutrition.

Upcoming Events

Gay Sex Trivia 3

Time to get naughty and smart! More trivia, more fun. We are back, back, back again baby! We are prepared to tantalize you with eye candy and sexy prizes! We know what you want …